FILM ARCHIVE (New films added)


Public lecture on ‘A short history of Shadows in Photography’ 2017 (with 7 clues) : CLICK HERE

Cork Penny Dinners: CLICK HERE



Far From Where I Weep by Lōwli  (co-production with my daughter) : CLICK HERE

Two Lifetimes Late (co-production with my daughter) : CLICK HERE

Memory Lane: CLICK HERE

Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire (English: The Lament of Art O’Leary: ) CLICK HERE

The Lewis Glucksman Gallery: CLICK HERE

Plato’s Cave: CLICK HERE

Finding Meteorites in Antartica: CLICK HERE



The Lewis Glucksman Gallery: CLICK HERE

George Boole Short Film: CLICK HERE




Spike Island update: CLICK HERE

Early Light Catalogue XII and XIII: CLICK HERE





‘Mnemosyne Lay in Dust’ a short film about the poet Austin Clarke: CLICK HERE

Spike Island (Educational Documentary)

Teaser:      CLICK HERE

Part one:   CLICK HERE

Part two:   CLICK HERE

Part three: CLICK HERE

Part four:  CLICK HERE

Part five:   CLICK HERE




2012 (Educational Documentaries)

‘Five days of dark Time’

The hunt for the Black Hole SWIFT J1910.2

at the Observatorio del Teide, Tenerife

part one:    CLICK HERE

part two:    CLICK HERE

part three: CLICK HERE



2011 (Educational Documentaries)

‘The Undo Cave expedition’

part one.     CLICK HERE

part two.     CLICK HERE

part three.  CLICK HERE

part four.    CLICK HERE



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